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Gold Tarot Deck - ANIMASOUL

Gold Tarot Deck - ANIMASOUL

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Introducing the Animasoul Tarot Deck

Immerse yourself in the mystical world of spirit animals! The Animasoul Tarot Deck features 78 unique spirit animals, including the strong wolf, the insightful owl, the majestic elephant, the courageous lion, the playful dolphin and many more. Each card is brought to life with vibrant art, gold foil backs, and gold-edged sides, offering a luxurious feel. Crafted for both beginners and seasoned collectors, this deck connects you to the natural world, where every animal carries a special message, inviting you to discover your personal totem spirit.

Why Choose Animasoul Tarot?

Unique Style: This deck, with its stunning and vibrant designs, will be a standout addition to your collection.
Premium Quality: Our cards are made from high-quality card stock with gold foil detailing and edges, ensuring they are built to last.
Comprehensive Guidebook: By scanning the QR code on the box, you unlock a detailed 78-page guidebook that reveals the significance of each animal and its link to the tarot journey.
Sturdy Packaging: The deck comes in a durable cardboard box, providing excellent protection for your cards.
Tax-Free Delivery: We cover all tax costs, so you’ll only pay for delivery.

What’s Included? 

Complete Deck of 78 Cards
78-Page QR Guidebook
Cardboard Box

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For fast, duty-free delivery worldwide, we ship through a company in China, reducing both waiting times and shipping costs.

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