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Tarot Deck - Viking Valor

Tarot Deck - Viking Valor

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Introducing the Viking Valor Tarot Deck

Immerse yourself in the mystical world of Scandinavian legends! The Viking Valor Tarot Deck features 78 characters from the folklore of the Vikings, including the gods of Asgard, the spirits of Jotunheim, the heroes of Midgard, Valkyries, demons, artifacts, and much more. Each character is carefully selected for each tarot card to preserve its original meaning while presenting it in a fresh, new design. Crafted from premium materials for unmatched durability and superior tactile feel, this deck is ideal for both experienced tarot readers and beginners.

Why Choose Viking Valor?

-Unique Style: This deck, with its stunning black and white design, will be a standout addition to your collection.
-Premium Quality: Our cards are made from durable 330gsm German black paper with a matte, scratch-resistant finish, ensuring they are built to last.
-Comprehensive Guidebook: We’ve included a detailed guidebook with explanations for each of the 78 cards, covering both upright and reversed meanings to help you deepen your readings and understand the symbolism of each card.
-The deck comes in a 157 gsm lid-bottom box, which guarantees that your cards will be preserved for a long time, providing excellent protection.
-Tax-Free Delivery: We cover all tax costs, so you’ll only pay for delivery.

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For fast, duty-free delivery worldwide, we ship through a company in China, reducing both waiting times and shipping costs.


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